Tanning at The Sun Lounge

The Sun Lounge, in Pickford Lane, Bexleyheath (opposite Bexleyheath Railway Station), has a range of tanning solutions to suit your lifestyle.

Whether it be topping up your tan after a great holiday, getting ready to hit the beach, or simply maintining that healthy glow at any time of year, we have the answer.

  • 3x aurora standup tanning booths 250 max wattage bulbs
  • 1x zenith laydown tanning booth 250 max wattage bulbs
  • 1x classic leg tanner exclusive to The Sun Lounge for keeping your legs beautifully tanned all year round

Sunbed courses are also available with great discounts, for example just £25 for 60 minutes.

The Sun Lounge also stocks a full range of creams and oils for maximum tanning enhancement